Dallas, GA

David Bush

David has been with Rambo Nursery for over 30 years and is familiar with many aspects of the nursery. He works closely with the staff to ensure that everything in the nursery is planted correctly and on time.⁠ He also works with our growing and distribution departments to place plants in the right environment for growing and stay on top of plants ready for shipment. Having so many details to pay attention to can be a challenge, but there is no one better suited for the job.
Jennifer Webber

As Head Grower, Jennifer is responsible for preparing the greenhouses for sanitation, which helps eliminate pathogens in our growing facilities. She also oversees the various stages of plant maturity to ensure the highest quality product for our Home Depot customers! ⁠As Operations Manager she uses her impressive knowledge of the industry to ensure employees are set up for success in all they do.⁠ Her job requires her to be a master communicator, and she delivers every day!
Rebecca Vaughan
Propagation Manager
Matt Roseberry

Matt oversees all logistics of our distribution operations. While dealing with live goods, this job requires lots of attention to detail, organization and communication.⁠ He has been with Rambo Nursery for over 10 years and actually started his career in the plant industry working in plant merchandising. As Shipping Manager, he deals with the logistics of getting our products to Home Depot Garden Centers. His secret to staying so organized? Always have a playbook to go by.
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Cedartown, GA

Cedar Valley Plant Farm
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Merchandising Team


Rambo Nursery's team of merchandisers are led by industry experts, Darla Davis and Ben Turner. Our merchandising team works everyday to display and care for Rambo product inside Home Depot stores. Have a questions about any of our plants? Rambo merchandisers are also very knowledgeable about plant care and can provide assistance right inside our Home Depot Garden Center locations!



Led by Tommy Cason, our maintenance team continuously works to maintain and upgrade the Rambo Nursery grounds and facilities. One of their most current projects is building additional greenhouse space at our Cedar Valley Plant Farm! 


The administrative team at Rambo collaborates with all departments to ensure quality products and consumer satisfaction. Our admin team is typically the first point of contact with our customers, outside of the Garden Centers!