Annuals are the all-stars in the garden department and are a specialty of Rambo Nursery. A true annual is a plant that completes its life cycle in one year; but don't be fooled by the short life span of these beauties. The whole mission of an annual is to use their limited time wisely by filling it with vigorous growth and outstanding blooms. Annuals are perfect for gardeners who love to change it up from season to season. Annuals are also incredibly versatile plants, suitable for potting, window boxes, flowerbeds, and anywhere else a little color is needed.



Perennials have the permanence of a traditional shrub but offer the beautiful blooms similar to those of annuals. These flowers are great for the first time gardener or for anyone who wants a burst of color around the same time every year. Hardy perennials can be heat and drought tolerant and depending on the region, will return year after year with the same spectacular color. Rambo Nursery has dedicated an entire department to growing quality perennials in a variety of types. With perennials of every shape and size, and available for every season and climate, you're bound to find flowers that will suit your every gardening whim.


Roses are perennials that come in over 100 different species, often with fragrant flowers and a rainbow of colors. Roses can tolerate a wide range of conditions but usually prefer an open, full sun site. They grow best in moderately fertile, moist but well drained soil. They should be planted in early spring or late fall to ensure summer blooms.

Ground Cover

Rambo Nursery has a variety of ground cover to fit many gardening needs. They are great accent for any landscape and very hardy plants. Landscaping with ground cover not only adds beauty to your property, but also helps to control erosion. Ground cover plants add deep roots that hold the soil in place while the leaves protect the soil from heavy rain.

Cactus & Succulents

Rambo’s succulents and cactus are available year-round in basic pots and innovative containers. Succulents and Cactus thrive in the hot sun and require very little care and water